Fisheries Science and Mechanical Engineering
Resource Management and Food Science

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<<Fisheries Science and Mechanical Engineering>>
Professor Chifumi IMAI
[E-Mail] cimai
Research subject
  • Ecological research on the population dynamics of fisheries stocks.
  • Management strategy of fisheries stocks.

Professor Junji KAWASAKI
[E-Mail] kawasaki
Research subject
  • Work and Method Study on the fishing Operation.
  • Stability of the Fishing Vessel and Fishing Boat.

Professor Makoto NAKAMURA
[E-Mail] nakamura
Research subject Machine Information System Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics
[Research and development of the human-machine-environment systems for the marine product manufacturing processes.]
<<Resource Management and Food Science>>
Professor Toshimichi MAEDA
[E-Mail] toshima
Research subject Fish handling and processing to produce a high quality and safety seafood.

Professor Naohiko TAKESHITA
[E-Mail] takeshin
Research subject Ichtyological Ecology.